Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year...Same Me Just Shrinking

I woke up this morning excited that I get to go to work job - the dream job and I'm totally ready for the vacation to be over and head back to work and a schedule. So hate on me all you want I wanna go back!

This morning I got up and started off right. I drank some liquid and got to making breakfast. I made a quinoa egg scramble that was yummy! Will post the recipe soon. While I was cooking I made sure I stayed active and unloaded and loaded the dishes, cleaned up the kitchen, and got the trash together. Feels good to be up and around. Decided to watch some pretty little liars and organize my meds and vits for the week. Time to get back to me - the healthiest I've ever been and stick to it as best as I can.

For lunch I am going to be having half a chicken breast with dr.pepper bbq that I made yesterday with some broccoli and tonight my brother and I will be going to eat some yummy Fort Worth Tex Mex!

Today I'm going to listen to my tummy and hear it when its full. Today I'm going to listen to my body and fill it when it wants liquid. Today I'm going to take my vitamins and and listen to my tummy which I have forgotten that last few weeks.

The last few weeks I've realized more than ever that it isn't about the perfect diet, the perfect body or the lbs you've lost...its the process the journey that is more important. Though I did learn an important lesson I didn't do it by being perfect, I did it because I stopped listening.

So cliche' as it might be I'm going to stop and listen. Listening is an act of love...and right now I need to love on myself!

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