Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Frog Fit Habit

All the years I had a free membership to the campus recreation center and I didn’t use it. For years I would pass by or try it out every once in a while, but never did I use it until the last year of my life. Most people have to pay for a gym membership, but here I was not using my student fees to their fullest. So today I got to take advantage of something really cool I joined my campus rec at TCU. I watched it be built while I was a student and this state of the art facility is pretty awesome (ok it has purple glass on the building and I think it looks cool!) but in all reality it is an amazing deal. For $5.00 a month I get access to a gym that has pretty much whatever I want in it including massage services! So here is to working out and getting sore so I can use the massage portion of the rec center.

I’m going to start back into my work out regime by going after work and getting used to walking, moving, and just into a habit before I start re-training for my 5K. I really need to pick one to make a goal of walking/jog, but I just haven’t had time since moving. The first goal is the habit itself then onto the bigger goal!

Today was all about getting back into the habit of vitamins, liquids, portions, and diet. I packed my breakfast and lunch today with my vitamins! After this week I will know what my routine needs to be in all of it, but I’m trying it out slowly. Today I had yogurt for breakfast, liquids, then cheese and grapes, liquids, carrots with light ranch, liquids, and half a chicken breast in dr. pepper bbq sauce (homemade), and ice coffee made in the office. Not too shabby for day 1 of the work year! I got all of my vitamins in except the B 12 because after I took it yesterday it made me extremely jittery. I need to look into getting some more D3 and hit up a different time of B 12 because the sublingual spray is making my anxiety wacky – but we’ll see in time. Baby steps to meeting goals.

So what are the goals for this month?

1. Habit of taking vitamins, drinking liquids, and watching portions

2. Habit of being active and working out

3. Logging my food

So what are the goals for this semester?

1. Lowering my cholesterol. It is currently sitting at 239 and needs to be under 200 (though it is down from 452 in Jan of last year with no meds)

2. Reach my goal weight. I need to lose 20 lbs by May 31st to reach this goal.

3. Be able to walk a 5K without being winded.

So what are the goals for this year?

1. Reach my goal weight

2. Walk/Jog a 5K

3. Feel good in a bathing suit this summer

4. Lower my cholesterol with diet and exercise (and hopefully no meds!)

5. Have my hair grow back in healthy

6. Look into plastic surgery for my stomach (the bottom area specifically)

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