Monday, December 5, 2011

64, 86, 102, 192 - this is not a football play!


What do these numbers mean? Well today is a perfect fall day in TN. It is 64 degrees and windy. It is just cool enough to wear a cardigan and just warm enough to not wear a coat...the wind is a nice change from the stillness that has been in the forecast. 86 is what my fasting sugar was this morning! Clearly way normal and not raised at all! 102 lbs is what I have lost as of today! I weighed in at 192 lbs proudly. It is amazing how the body reacts, changes, regenerates, and I am in awe of what the body is capable of and blessed to have been able to see myself change before my eyes.

I'm getting ready to head to my one year check up (a little early) since I am moving to TX, but looking ahead I am amazed at where the last 11 months have gone and where all this weight has disappeared to! I feel very blessed to be able to shop for 12-14 size pants, fit in a Large top and bottoms, and be able to shop at stores like Plato's Closet, New York and Company, and so many others I want to explore. So maybe looking back at numbers are a good thing - I think I've gotten over my number-phobia afterall!

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