Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Big Changes Ahead

I'm in the midst of change and I wonder what kind of impact the changes that are coming will have on my life and on my tummy. I recently have accepted a new job at my alma mater and I'm totally excited. It is still in the finalization stages with references to be checked an my background check to be complete, but I'm so close to a big move...across the country....away from my surgical team, my "food" life I've become comfortable with and ready to adventure into a whole new world.

Overall I think in the long haul that my schedule and planning out my eating will actually be easier with needing to pack breakfast, lunch, and snacks. It will be easier to plan, easier to buy food, and easier to portion out, but there will also be the change of new stores to shop in, local produce changes, and other things. There is the temptation of foods from the old days....the ones where I would gorge myself on chips and things so there are some temptations and old behaviors that I will need to watch. It's exciting....nervous, but exciting!

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