Thursday, September 22, 2011

Beating the Anxiety Part 2

There is a time after WLS where you feel invincible. I think it happens during the honeymoon period of weight loss, but that is still to be determined. For me the invincible part of my post WLS journey has been my depression and anxiety. There are times where I have felt invincible where my mental illness has felt like it has disappeared and these feelings have only been heightened because of the good signs that have happened after WLS. I had medication lowered, then removed, and then replaced. I felt excited...happy...invincible when it came to my depression and anxiety, but in all reality those things have not gone away, they have just been more manageable then ever before, but like all medical conditions I feel as if my anxiety and depression have their own cycles. There are times where my depression and anxiety are not even visible and then there are times that it is the only thing that I see...and I feel that others see, but in all reality - depression and anxiety do exist...they haven't disappeared with the fat, they just have been suppressed.

So how do I beat this ? Here is my work in progress statement - I don't know how to beat this on my own, but I do know that I can beat it if I use all the tools at my disposal. So where do I begin. I begin at assessment. I begin at cataloging what is going on and what needs to be fixed. First fix needs to be medication balance as my weight has changed drastically it is time for a medication overall. Second it is time for a realistic assessment that work and life is stressful and with a medication change comes the challenge of re balance and refocus. I'm not excited about this nor am I truly happy about it, but in all truth its a necessity. It is a huge bummer that this is happening, but I knew that change would come. I voluntarily went through this change and this tweak to medication for my mental illness is just another part of the journey.

In all honesty I don't feel invincible. I feel miserable. I feel worn down. I feel overwhelmed. I feel like there is so much going on and I can't get a grasp of what to first - but alas its the illness...not me talking. Now to conquer this medication change so I feel more like me.

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