Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I've been on a blogging hiatus for a bit and really there are a ton of excuses I could give, but non would be a "good" one. I have neglected myself by not blogging and for that I don't feel so good about, but I can't and won't dwell on the past. I move forward and keep on doing my thing. The last few weeks have been quite the roller coaster. There has been a mix of up and down, happy and sad, and then everything else. I'm excited to have been able to live the last 6 months as a WLS patient and this month has been bittersweet as I hit a major milestone of making half way through my new year of my new life, but I am not content.

Now before I hear everyone sigh...give me a second to explain. This thursday is my 6 month appt check up. I'm excited to see the results and hear how my body is responding, but I'm also not looking forward to it because I am not where I want to be. I want to be further along in losing the pounds and I want to be working my way to working out at a higher rate. I am in no way disappointed in myself because quite frankly that would not be giving myself credit for all the work that I've done and continue to do, but I can say that I am not totally 100% content with my current status. So what does this mean? That means I can improve on things and that is going to be the ultimate challenge isn't it....improving.

The next 6 weeks is a huge marathon of work that is encompassed with training. I have a plan to execute a healthy eating lifestyle, but it is going to make me vulnerable in a way I'm not comfy with, but I'll talk about that more later. With as much work as I will be doing and the length of time I'll be doing it I will be focusing on liquid intake, eating good lean protein, and getting my protein in - so my husband bought me a lunch box that is super cute and functional. Secondly I need to stay active. Though I have not been exercising due to ruptured ear drum dizziness and massive nausea from antibiotics to cure the ear drum issue, I have been staying active. I walk everywhere and walk I do, but I know it isn't enough. I have to push more. I need to do more...that is the fact of the matter. To be content I need to be moving along in the WLS process of losing more weight and toning- to do that I have to exercise more. That is the reality.....now how to do it with my schedule?

Life in the Bettis household is pretty boring lately. We have spent a good amount of time reorganizing our house, I've gotten in to Tudors Season 3 on netflix and have almost successfully watched all of Sex in the City via E!, and hubs finished up school with an amazing summer GPA. Now...we are in the wait and see process of interviews for him and heading into the crazy training part of my job in Student Life. Don't get me wrong I love my job, but this training schedule is daunting even for me. I know I am up to the task, I just have to get organized and have a plan. I didn't have a plan over the last two weeks and I'm all kinds of overwhelmed for example letting myself get dehydrated from not carrying enough liquid and being outside for way too long - Note to self my body now handles heat differently....learned the hard way.

So where does this leave me? This leads me to planning - yes, planning. Here is my plan to be successful:

1. step 1 is to take tonight and catch up on homework and discussion questions for school
2. create a schedule of getting homework done until opening of my building for fall
3. figure out how i am going to exercise in my schedule (if nothing major - incorporate activity in some form daily)
4. organize my office - a MUST
5. pick up the house and cook/plan out meals

I know I can be successful and I have to be able to balance this all. This is my new life, but my first training and check-in as a WLS loser! It is different. I feel different. I act different, but I want to have an amazing experience. One step at a time.

Things I love:
1. almond butter - love it! a new favorite for me
2. blocks of cheese - i'm eating so much of it this makes it easier on the pocket
3. Goody's powder - the most amazing form of tylenol invented! love love love it!!!!

Things to celebrate:
1. buying new clothes at old navy
2. being able to buy clothes at SAM's Club and fitting into XL pants!
3. surviving and thriving over the last 6 months. yay me

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