Thursday, July 21, 2011

6 Month Check-Up Post Op

Today was my 6 month check up! I survived it!!!! Yay for me...seriously I was all kinds of nervous because a) i over analyze everything and b) i don't want to fail - i've failed at way too many times at losing weight so today was a BIG day for me.

At 6 months and 11 days post op I weight 214 lbs. Starting weight 294. My BMI today was 36.7 and my starting BMI was 53.1. I have moved from super morbidly obese to almost the obese category! Ok I giggled at that and so did my nurse, but honestly that is huge! My Fat % today was 44.8% and starting it was 65%. I am working my way towards being a healthier me. Dr. Clement was happy with my progress, as usual I want to be further along. So where do I go from here?

My new success plan is this:
1) watch drinking my calories - so less intake of vitamin water that I love so much
2) watch my carbs and fat intake - protein first and carbs last
3) food track and see where my calories are - Dr. Clement wants to see how my labs are before he gives me a calorie number but I'm looking at 500 to 1000 calories a day ( don't freak remember my tummy is only a 1/2 cup! )
4) increase my exercise and different types - they really want me to take in more weights and free weights to increase building muscle

So there is my new success plan. There might be some additions or changes after my blood work comes back, and after 15 tubes I hope I get good answers! I'm expecting to have to be on injected B12 at this point and possibly the addition of a B1 supplement as well, but we shall see.

I also got reminded of my goal weight today. When we started this journey my goals weight was 170. I realized that as of today I only have 44 lbs to go to reach it! Can you believe that...only 44 lbs!!!! WOW. I know that the weight won't come off as easy in the next six months, but I am committed to my health, eating right, and being the best me I can be. Now....we do it!

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  1. FYI you are only 6 pounds heavier than me at this point! You have come so far and I am so very proud of you. Your journey continues and I can't wait to hear more as things happen!