Friday, July 22, 2011

Scheduling and Happy Thought

I'm looking at the next 6 weeks and cringing. Training season in Housing and Residential Life is always a hard season for me and this year it brings new challenges. I'm looking at the marathon of training ahead and deeply taking a breath. How am I going to do all I need to just with work? How am I going to do all I need to with eating and managing my food intake? Where is exercise going to fit in? Scheduling can be daunting and overwhelming, but I'm going to budget my time wisely, plan ahead, and work my tail off. I know I can do this and I know that in this body that I have right now at 214 lbs that I definitely can do this. It is going to be my first training season as a WLS patient and I need to feel out how it will all go. I'm very optimistic about it because I have been handling food pretty well, my body handles heat differently, and I can move so much better now that walking across campus isn't so bad. So I'm looking forward to it with a plan. This weekend I will be spending some time organizing myself, my house, and my food for the upcoming week while also planning my food choices / purchases for august to get me through training. Preparation is key and I know I can do it...I just never realized how much planning I do for my life until I log it all in front of me.

Last night I had some friends over from work for dinner and as I was picking up the house last night before bed I realized some thing so very cool. When I set out in January for surgery I had made a collage of things for a "motivational" poster when things got hard. As I was hanging it up in my craft room last night I saw that I had accomplished 2 goals on the poster. The first was a picture of stairs and had the quote " i want it to be easier to climb" - over the last 6 months stairs have been much much easier to climb. Even last night I ran the stairs to get a few things from my office. The second goal was clothes shopping and one of the logos I picked was old navy. Check that off the list as I can't wait to get my new clothes from regular sizes in the mail!!!!! Yay for goal setting and crossing things off the list :-) It is neat to reflect on what I wanted in January, what I'm doing now, and how I've already made some of those goals happen. It is really exciting.

Looking forward to the weekend. I need some sleep and some much needed study time. Lots to do to prepare for the marathon of training and to get doctoral school work done!

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