Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Protein Strikes Back

I am happy to say that I have found a potential protein powder! Yes, after much to do about finding one that tastes good and my tummy can tolerate I have located a source! Egg Protein! My husband and I went to the Vitamin Shoppe and picked up a couple of packets to try. I got Vanilla and Chocolate to start with. Each packet was around 2 bucks and I thought why not try it and see what happens. I am apprehensive to just put the protein in a shake and go, so last night I baked with it. I was pleasantly surprised. I made a muffin recipe that is oatmeal raisin and added it to the mix. I can't taste the vanilla egg protein at all! So I easily upped my protein in something that I love to eat. Now, that doesn't mean each muffin is super infused in protein, but it adds a little cushion to it so I'm not eating chicken for breakfast!

I have my chocolate package left and I'm going to put half the packet in milk this afternoon for my snack. Hubs suggested I try it to see if I could stand the taste if I needed to, so here goes nothing. If the taste is good in the milk, then I easily could add the vanilla or chocolate to my atkins shake, yogurt, or any old thing. That would cushion my meals and add additional protein where I've been lacking in meal especially when you want to eat something and it isn't meat! So I am pleasantly pumped about this potential protein :-) If you want to check it out - I am using Jay Robb Egg White Protein. His website is

I am feeling much more energized eating with my focus on my protein and drinking the water I need. It is amazing how good I feel! I have also increased my B12 to 2500mcg daily with a B12 spray to compensate for my sluggishness. It has helped that alot and I think it will help with the transition off of my anxiety medication. Its a good balancing act and I'm making headway the best way I know how.

In other news I'm excited to finish my course work this week and be done with my course at Waldon. I'm ready for a mini-break and transition into a new class.

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