Thursday, June 30, 2011

Goodbye to the 20s

I went to the doc to follow up on the ear drum madness that is going on with my ruptured ear drum and they had to weigh me today. I felt super good because I love not knowing what I weigh :-) It is something that makes getting on the scale something I look forward to; so here I am getting weighed in a the ENT and the scale reads 219!!! Yep 219 lbs. Goodbye 20s hello teens! I can't believe it - I reached the next mini goal of 220 and surpassed. I'll take 3 lbs in one week with no problem. Next number in sight is 215. That would feel so good to hit prior to my 6 month check in later this month (though if I was at 210 I would be even happier, but I'll take it as it comes).

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