Monday, June 6, 2011

Encouragment & Update

My blog has been a way for me to write down my thoughts and feelings. An organized way for me to work through all of the new changes and figure out what my new life will be. It has also been a way for me to keep up with my friends and family that are all over the country so they feel like they are going through this journey with me, though they are not near me. One of the things I never expected was to get back so much from me writing down my thoughts and feelings. I am so blessed that my friends and family have taken to reading my blog, but I have been blessed over and over through comments, words, and emails that you all have sent me. Sometimes there are days when those words, comments, and replies help me break through. Thank you all for being honest with me, taking time out of your day to read my thoughts about my WLS, and for encouraging me. I am so blessed to have all of you in my life. I am blessed to have reconnected with old friends and made news; I am so glad that I have found my blogger buddies that have had surgery around the time I did and are able to "get" me and what I'm feeling in the moment. My blogger buddies have been ladies that have helped me understand myself and give me encouragement when I need an extra boost. You all are truly blessings that I would of never had without a blog. So thank you all. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you all that you are appreciated and you help make this journey even more meaningful.

I've gone back to the basics and I have been kicking butt at my basics in regards to finding a rhythm. Well I've found it again, and it feels nice. Supplements check. We are hitting every marker that I need to be hitting until my next check up in July. Right now I am taking to the task of upping my protein. Yes, you read that correctly upping protein. The goal is 60 to 70 grams a day and I'm trying to get it above that or hit 70 every day. This takes quite the planning and lot of meat and dairy, but this weeked I did pretty well. Hubs and I were blown away as I hit 89 grams of protein on Saturday. It is possible to do it, but I've had to be creative and eat it and drink my protein. I made the decision to up it for two reaons: 1) I will lose more when my protein is upped and 2) to increase my hair growth. I don't want to be a skinny woman with a bald head! So here I go with biotin, protein, biotin laced shampoo, and to prevent any further hair loss I'm getting my hair cut today. I decided that I need to feel good about myself and I can do that - just need to fix this head of hair, so with the blessing of my wonderful husband I am getting a new hairdo! I figured I'm going to have some fun with it and can always grow it out when it is healthy enough to withstand growing out. This will happen within the next year or sooner, but I have to do what makes me feel good.

I also made the decision to find a protein drink I can stand and like. Ironically the atkins shakes are ones that I can tolerate. Though they are only 15g of protein at a time, they do help kick the protein up and the chocolate isn't too too bad. I got a suggestion from a fellow "loser' (aks WLS patient) about egg protein. So I picked up a few packs this weekend and I'm going to try to bake with them instead of drink them. We'll see how that goes tonight, time for some yummy protein muffins!!!! I also have dear friends that send me recipes and I'm pumped to bake some great protein infused bars as well. I'm up for evolving with the best of them.

Hubs and I have been more active and we are planning to get back to moving and grooving and we both need to do this as a couple. So we are heading back to the Rec because these next 25 lbs need to come off. We are excited to see how my appt comes out in July, but we are also excited to see how the changes have impacted him. He has been slowly adopting things like sugar free treats, lower sugar drinks, better snacks, eating slower, and not eating as much. Poor guy has had to give up keeping ice cream in the house, but in exchange he is losing weight and feeling a little better. Hopefully his A1C will be much improved! Getting fit and active is part of the plan for my life, but we realize that we, as a couple, have to adapt as well. It is amazing to see this man support me through this because he doesn't have to and many spouses have a hard time adjusting but he is a true champion! I love you hubs. Thanks for being my cheerleader.

As you all know I'm all about celebrating the little things and I will end this post with happiness today. Hubs told me today that I will get to hold a centennial party for reaching 100 lbs gone! How cool is that!!!!! It is pretty neat to me and ironic that MTSU will be turning 100 this year and I'll make it to 100 lbs lost. I think it is so fitting. I think I'm going to have a "wOnderland" theme tea party. Since reaching 199 is known as onderland it seems fitting to have a centinnial tea party:-)

Mini Celebrations:
1. Wear leggings out of the house and feeling confident this weekend
2. Having space between my thighs
3. I can fully see my feet when I look down now
4. Blessed to see life as full and new instead of dreading living
5. In the last phase of getting off my daily anxiety medicine - started today!

Life is all about celebrating and it is too short to not enjoy life. So I'm going to live my life to the fullest and celebrate my heart out!

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