Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Recovery: the day after

I knew that the length of my hospital visit was most likely not going to produce a good after effect and I was correct! My arms, hands, and feet are extremely bruised. I look like I've been in a pretty good fight. There are areas that are incredibly tender and they hurt pretty bad. My throat is the least sore, but it feels as if I've had a pretty good cold you know the kind you can't stop the drainage and it runs forever. That should go away pretty soon as the doctor told me when I checked in this morning. I woke up this morning not with just bruises but very swollen jaw. My jaw had been pressed up in a position that is not natural and the bottom of my jaw bone is sore, tender, and bruised slightly. I can't wait to go advise freshman students looking so bad! But alas, its a step closer. I keep telling myself that the prize is so worth it.

My anesthesia recovery wasn't as easy as other surgeries, but coupled with anxiety I don't know if it would be. My doctor told me to take it easy, enjoy laying around, and learn to relax! I guess you know he may be right he does have the M.D. but still its hard for me to sit back and just relax and recover. I didn't get a choice this time as my body wasn't taking no for an answer. I slept pretty much all day and I am still a little dizzy tonight. It could be better, but time is all I have. Here I go!

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