Thursday, February 21, 2013

I'm the Kind of Girl...

  • that dyes my hair regulary and feels totally in control because I can control my hair color
  • loves to read ALOT
  • that is totally a big ole sap - I'm truly all about celebrating the little things
  • learning to accept herself in this new body I have created after my Weight Loss Surgery
  • embraces change BADLY - I hate change
  • can totally be a bitch and knows it, embraces it, and owns up to it
  • makes lots of lists
  • loves to craft
  • very dedicated to things I believe in
  • passionated about life, love, and doing something your passionate about for life
  • believes in the good of people to fault
  • has a small select group of true friends that have made it through the ups and downs of life
  • loves to travel
  • obsessed with social media, reality tv, and being engaged with the world around me
  • doesn't have to wear heals because my husband is 6'4" what would 2" heals do for me
  • totally girly and loves pink
  • that loves to host parties, but doesn't do it enough
  • likes to do tourist things in my local area
  • loves museums
  • enjoys coffee, talking, and more coffee
  • i don't discriminate between coffee and tea
  • enjoys movies - both chic flicks and horror films
  • married later in life and thinks that is ok
  • that can be a workaholic, but knows that isn't so great - yet i still do it
  • became a sorority girl at 31 - go AOII
  • that has the nickname of mommabear
  • has more kids that i can count - i adopt them through working at university
  • is horned frog!
  • doesn't wear makeup - and my husband doesn't mind!

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