Friday, December 21, 2012

Frankly Friday

I first want to thank all of my frankly friday followers who came and left some very encouraging words last week when I was having a meltdown after one of the worse weeks of the year. It meant the world that you read my vent and offered kind words and helpful thoughts.
My week this week as been infinitely better than last so Frankly Friday I am glad you are here!!!! Why am I glad that you are here?
1. I get vacation - a paid vacation - to not be at work and to enjoy my home, the love of my life, sleeping in, and taking naps, while doing all the crafting I want to do! This is the first year in about 8 that I've had a real holiday vacation where I wasn't on duty, no traveling, and no stress of moving from this state to another state. Thank you Lord for this blessing!
2. I get to spend time with my husband. We've been working, going to school, running two separate businesses and we haven't had a lot of intentional down time together. So for the 4 days he gets we will have intentional stay in bed and chat time (like we used to when we first got married and do on Sunday mornings), spend time doing things we've wanted to do and celebrate our first real official holiday with no work etc in our home...a place that really feels like home.
3. Christmas! Yes, I'm a Christmas junky and its is only 4 days away. I'm excited....for all the new Bettis traditions we are starting. Makes me so happy and full of life.
4. I'm also having one of those moments in life today where everything feels right. This is my facebook status from today "‎9 years ago today I graduated from TCU. 1 year ago today I started working at TCU. Today is my last day of work for 2012 and I couldn't be happier to be a Horned Frog!" I'm right where God needs me and wants me to be and I'm forever grateful.
5. Fun fact - 9 years ago I graduated the same day as Clay Aiken. Cool, huh!
Happy Holidays and TGIF!

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