Thursday, June 21, 2012

Problems that follow being Obese

For those of us that have had WLS we have been obese for a signifigant amount of time prior to our surgery. We know that obesity can casue many things that the WLS will either assist in getting rid of or eliminate, but I had not thought to think about what long term obesity effects that may be effecting me.

Physical Effects:
  1. Body/bone/and muscle memory is still accomodating for my 300 lb + self - I'm needing to re-learn how to accomodate my 188 lb self and not have to carry all of the weight
  2. Core issues - I've never had abs and due to lack of muscles, I have a hard time holding my body the way I'm supposed to. It is amazing what sit ups can do for the whole body and what it can do for literal standing position
  3. Hip, knee, and coccyx issues - these body areas are not used to having so little padding and now there is pain, strain, and hurt/bruising from just being, sitting, and sleeping. I need to be concious to pad these areas so I don't like in pain and bruises. This is an ongoing learning issue.

Health Effects:
  1. Fatty liver disease - though this is in the process of reversing, my liver is not like a normal liver. after years and years of abuse, the fat that has found a home there is now being slowly removed. i have to watch my liver levels for the next year or so, but so far the surgery is doing its job!
  2. Peridontitus - though i've taken very good care of my teeth, did you know that a long term effect of obesity is peridontitus?  I was diagnosed with this last month and have to go through some deep cleanings in the future. I don't have full on peridontal disease, like my mom, but it is something I will have to watch out for the rest of my life. I am now very good friends with my floss!!!
  3. Mental - long term effect of living the obese life is re-programming. we all go through this and the brain is the hardest muscle to train! I still have the PTSD from being obese along with other reasons, but it will take years to undue those painful memories.

These were just a few of my thoughts I was thinking this morning as I was driving to work and I thought I would share....more to come later.

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