Friday, May 11, 2012

Snap, Crackle, Pop

I finally got the chiropractor today and man do I feel great! I'm going to be a little sore later, but it was totally worth it :-) I swear by chiropractic care. It has helped me so much over the years, especially when I was heavy and I had to get my hips popped back into place, my body was sore from carrying 300 + lbs, and the many other ailments that came along with being overweight.

I went to see a new doctor today since I live in a new spot. Dr. Derek Page is awesome! He is down to earth, gave great advice, didn't "hurt" me, understood my body post weight loss surgery, and gave me a plan of attack to help re-train my body. Now I knew over the last 15 months that my body had changed on the outside, but I never thought to think of how it would effect my skeleton, muscles, and structure of my body.

Here are the things I learned today at my appointment:
1. My body has been trained in the past to not hold my neck and upper body correctly. I've been pulling my back and neck in an awkward stance to compensate for the large amount of weight I used to carry (especially in my tummy area). Good example of how I used to stand is below:

You can see that the large front section had me pulled backwards while my neck pulled forwards = OUCH!

2. My neck is straight up and down and is not curved. This means it isn't absorbing any pressure and hence why my neck muscles and the upper back is compensating for the neck not doing its job.
3. My hips are not level. I'm putting more weight on my right side than left side.
4. My muscles in the core area are not strong enough to pull my back into the ailment it should be so I need to build muscle to help hold my back.
5. I can teach my body over time to have better structure, stretch muscles and teach them what they are supposed to be doing, and in time it won't hurt to move around, my posture will be better, and exercising won't take so much out of me because my body will be able to hold me up better!

I love going to a chiropractor and I'm ready to take this on to feel better. I also kind of get some personal training out of it! I'll be donig neck stretches, stretches for my pec muscles, neck muscles, and also working on my abdomen in a slow comfortable pace. Looks like I'm going after more than a one pack afterall! I'm excited to see the benefits and see the difference I know this will make for me.

I also had a huge revelation while I was sitting and waiting for the doc. I took a stroll through my cell phone and saw some pics from a year ago and it blew me away at how much I've changed. Take a look for yourself!

March 2011

May 2011
Feb 2012

April 2012


  1. Glad your chiropractor appointment was good. That's awesome that he is able to teach you what is going on with your body! And yes you look amazing!!!

    1. Samantha thanks so much! i feel good too!