Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fat App

I was driving into work this morning listening to morning show "gossip" in a horrible rain storm. I like the background noise and it is actually one of my favorite things about the drive to work - the morning shows that is! It is the one thing I miss from commuting when I lived in at the University. As I was on 106.5 FM in Fort Worth I hear a story about a "fat app." At first I thought maybe it is a way to keep track of fat mass and with it being January with all the resolutions that people would have been talking about such, but boy was I WRONG! There is a fat application for iphone and android that is being sold to modify pictures to show how you would look fat! Yes, you read that correctly.
Now I realize that there is an "app for everything," but I really am starting to think there doesn't need to be. I am personally horrified by the concept of the app for a number of reasons. First, maybe the app had good intentions and I'm having a hard time seeing it, because I see the actual use of the app being a) making fun of already weight concsious individuals, b) morphing obese people into super obese individuals and posting pics, and c) becoming an app to allow bullying on so many levels. Why on earth would someone want to know what they looked like obese?
After living in an obese body for more than half of my life, I can tell you that if you can avoid becoming obese I would advise for health reasons to avoid it, but why on earth do we need a picture of "what you may look like" to prevent us from eating an extra brownie, some cookies, or that third round at the buffet. Are we not getting enough negative images and feedback from life already!?!?! I ask you to really sit down and think about your surroundings. How many negative body image issues do you see on a daily basis? From tv, film, magazines, and internet there are images, statements, and “ideas” about what you should look like and what is not pretty, acceptable, or likeable. Why on earth would we create an application to make someone look unacceptable to the images of the “norm” in the world?
It is already hard enough for me to fathom that I at 187 lbs and in a size 14-16 are still considered plus size in some stores and normal in others. I hate to tell Forever 21 but my size 14 skinny jeans that I purchases are NOT plus size by any means and if you would like to know plus size take a walk around Lane Bryant where my size 28-Womans used to reside. This hit a nerve with me and irks me. How on earth can we be sending a message to females and males everywhere that a size matters and defines who you are in the world.
I am really uncomfortable with this app and can only see it being cause of more obesity discrimination especially amongst tweens to college students. Being obese or “fat” is more than a problem. It can’t be solved with a pill and society needs to embrace the way we all look. There is no ideal there just is health. The ideal they present isn’t healthy and the reality of the average American isn’t healthy either. For me I’m constantly trying to figure out – where do I fit? I’m not super obese. I’m not obese enough or fat enough to where Plus size clothes, but I’m not small enough to shop in a normal store. So if there isn’t a classification in society for me in clothing….where do I fit since I’m a WLS Survivor!

What do you all think about an app like this?

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  1. I concur with your evaluation. No need for this. It's crazy and can only lead to unhealthy-ness in oh-so-many facets.