Friday, December 30, 2011

This is NOT a New Year's Resolution Post

I haven't made a New Year's resolution in years, well the only resolution I make is I'm not going to make a New Year's resolution because I found out long ago I DON't keep them and since I am already goal oriented, that doesn't bode well with me. So for me this isn't about a new me in a new year, this is getting back on the wagon because Lissa wants to make her goal weight!

The holiday season combined with moving to a new state, cross country jaunt, visit to the in-laws, and allowing myself to enjoy yummies has led me off track a little more than what I wanted too, but I realize that my WLS is a tool not a be all end all to the problem of eating - I admit I ate yummies...I ate carbs...I loved it, but at the end of the holiday season I feel icky, heavy, have little energy, and feel not defeated, but need to be more prepared for the holidays. Now I know! So what I'm going to do - GET BACK ON THE WAGON of WEIGHT LOSS!

I am motivated by a few things: 1) my 1 year appt with Dr. C 2) fitting into size 14's and a Forever 21 pair of pants and 3) wanting to reach my goal weight. I had my 1 year appt. with Dr. C before moving to TX. It was a good appt overall. My cholesterol could be lower its 239 and it needs to be 200 or less so Goal 1 - lower my cholesterol!!!!! I weighed in at 190.5 lbs and had massive loss in inches. My waist was down 37.5 inches, 16 inches in my right thigh, 19 inches in my left thigh, 11 inches in each arm, 11 inches in my neck, and my bra band is down to a 36 to 38 from a 48. Overall not too shabby. My BMI is at 32.1 which is almost out of the obese category - YAY! My vitamin levels were good except my PTH and Calcium, but I knew that going in since I had to change meds with my effexor debacle and nausea. Dr. C was overall thrilled! I was overall thrilled! I am able to take regular vitamins in the multi-vitamin category which I'm stoked about and I'm ready to get back on the work out train.

I feel good. I'm ending 2011 in amazing spirits. I am thinner than I've been in 17 years. I can do more, walk more, jog a little, move boxes, and be up and at them more than I ever imagined. I can shop in stores I only dreamed of, try on clothes I never imagined I would ever wear, and I feel like I "pass" for a normal person. I reached multiple milestones this year and that I am very appreciative for - I turned 30 and was NOT 300 lbs. I weighed in under 200 lbs. and most importantly I've turned my health around. I will be doing a year in review on the 10th of January for my sugervisary, but I wanted to take a minute to get back on track now that I have a new home, new job, new wardrobe, and essentially new packaging for me!

It is time to get back to the basics of protein first, low carb or no carb options, watching intake of sugars, and exercising. It is time to get these last 20 lbs off so I can really celebrate, but for now I'm counting the blessings that I have because there is no failure in this. There are only lessons learned.

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