Thursday, April 14, 2011

3 Month Sugervisary

Picture Time!

3 month pictures front and side view
Current known weight 238.8 lbs
94 days post op

Actually sunday was my exact 3 month sugervisary, but today is the check up for 3 months post op. I am excited and nervous like I posted yesterday and as the appointment gets closer I am also glowing. I am excited to see what I weigh today because I haven't weighed in since my 238.8 lb weigh in little over a week ago and today when I got up I put on clothes that fit!!!! yes I am wearing an 18/20 top and 18/20 bottom and feel like flaunting it today. I feel good. My skin looks good and I am able to do more things than ever! I thought I would catalogue of things to celebrate my 3 months.

1. I can successfully climb my stairs to my apt without being winded.
2. I can walk across campus at MTSU both to and from a location without my back hurting and feeling winded.
3. I can carry 3 reams of paper up and down stairs and back to my residence hall from the union without feeling tired and winded.
4. I can walk 1 mile on the treadmill with ease.
5. I can tie my shoes and put on sandals with less struggle.
6. I am sleeping better because I am breathing better.
7. I have found a new hobby in cooking and enjoy making things that meet my dietary requirements.
8. I am more confident about how I look - I don't feel as invisible as I used to.
9. I realize how much I have missed out on being sick over the last 3 years, and I am starting to take advantage of opportunities to do things and go out and explore the world.
10. I have reconnected with my friends and been able to have the confidence to make some new ones.

My life is changing so fast and so furious. There are days that I am overwhelmed and there are days that I feel like I'm spinning, but then there are moments like I had yesterday where someone who has known me for the last two years at MTSU (one of the RDs) did not recognize me at all in the KUC. It made me feel so good but shocked. I didn't think I had changed that much, but it also empowered me that I need to keep doing what I am doing and plug away at the program.


My appointment today went very well at Vandy. Dr. Clements and my nutrition guru Jessica were so happy. I don't know who was glowing more me or my doctor! I am officially down 60 lbs. Today I weighed in at 234.5. My BMI is 40.1 and that makes me almost out of the obese category. I am no longer considered morbidly obese. Overall he was very pleased with my progress. He was a little concerned about my B12 not being at 400 so I am on B12 injections and we will revisit that in July at my 6 month appointment. He was pleased with my overall success and was happy to hear that I am doing well, feeling good, and emotionally doing well with all the change. Jessica was uber impressed with my eating and variety. She was really excited that I'm not just eating eggs and protein shakes and that I've ventured into healthy veggies and fruits. She was very pleased overall and has given me the go ahead to add some carbs in if I want. I think I am doing ok with as extreme low carb as I am but now it is ok if I'm out and want a little pasta I can have pasta once in a while. If I want a few tortilla chips I can have them. She thinks that I've transitioned well and was pleased at my food journal, my sugar levels, and the whole package. I told her about doing the 5k in August and she was thrilled. Dr. C and her want to hear all about it! We even talked about doing the Disney princess half marathon and 5k. Yep, you read it here...I might just make it to Disney after all. She gave me a lot of great new resources and told me she was there if I needed her. It is nice to know that now I'm getting to the point where I feel comfy enough to not lean on them so much. I think I definitely earn a win for today!

I was so excited I felt like I floated back to the 'boro from Vandy. I am so thankful to have so many amazing friends that have watched me go on this journey and I am so thankful for co-workers and my staff that have cheered me on and let me get to the doctor etc. My journey isn't even over yet. First 60 lbs down...the next 60 will have me at my goal weight! steps and lots of smiles!

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