Friday, June 21, 2013

My first migraine post WLS

I haven't had a migraine in years...yes you read that correctly years until Tuesday where I woke up to the most hellish headache I've ever had = migraine.

There is nothing that I could do on the medicine front as NSAIDS and items like advil, aleve, excedrin and basically anything helpful to a migraine is not allowed in the pouch so here I a suffering and nauseously drive to walmart to find something to relieve this headache.

I find this:

1) yes, it did take my migraine away
2) it also wired me to the point that I was awake for 12 + hours and could not fall asleep thanks to 65mg of caffeine
3) it tasted good

So what did I learn - if I have to be at work and be productive with a migraine this is my ticket because it is equal to like 5 grande's of regular starbucks. I also learned that if I want to sleep this is not the answer.

The migraine has been around for the last week and its gotten better but not totally gone. Solution???? I'm going to try a massage next...not just to find my husband!

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