Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I'm in the midst of a reset. Mind, body, soul, wants, needs, and a huge evaluation of what I want and what I need. It is a huge new mindset for me, but I need to treat myself better and love myself more!

It just so happens that my reset also coordinates with the awesome new design of my blog! I've been working with an awesome blog artist and Kate has taken a vision and made it a reality. I'm still adding things and getting things up and running, but a new look to the blog definitely makes me think more about my new outlook on life.

This reset is focused around food, but since the reset food hasn't been the focus atleast not to me. It is ironic that food to me is secondary. Right now I'm just eating my smoothies, drinking y liquid, and making my day around like it is a normal day because for me it is - it is not abnormal. Others focus more on the changes than I do and honestly I'm just wiping those looks off my shoulder - this is my journey to me.

You will notice a new signature on my blog. Make Every Moment Count! I've lived by this motto for the last five years. Someone that I look up to a whole lot said it to me in the midst of the lowest point in my life and this motto has sustained me. It is truly something I live by and I'm not letting a moment pass me by. In the spirit of reset, my fitness routine is changing.

Fit Approach Sweat Pink Blog BadgeI applied to be a sweat pink ambassador. It is an amazing group of women that come together to support each other in being fit, and sweating our way to health. I filled out the form and didn't hear back. I was worried that I wasn't worthy of being part of their organization but I found out that I am an officially sweat pink ambassador! I'm so excited I a smiling ear to ear. This is a huge honor for me to come from being almost 450 lbs in 1999 to being around 194lbs today and realizing that I'm sweating my way to health. I will be posting more soon about the program and getting connected with them but this is a huge pump up to my reset!
Thank you all for those that have encouraged me. I really appreciate you realizing that I am human like you and that my WLS journey is slightly different but challenges are still the same. We all fight the bulge in a different way and the support and kind words make this even easier!

In the last two days I've been able to celebrate mini victories: 1) blood sugar was stable all day yesterday, 2) I actually slept good last night (first time in 3 weeks), and 3) today I walked/jogged my first mile in about 15 min!!!!!!


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  1. Yay! Another SPA sister! Congrats lady!