Saturday, October 13, 2012

Missing In Action

I'm sorry I have been MIA this week. Advising season has begun and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Trust me it isn't a bad thing at all - work goes by super fast and I get to see some great students, but after being at work and thinking like I have do I've been crashing early or napping and then finish out my night. I don't know how I'll be doing this with school, but we'll see how all that goes next week. I might have just bitten off more than I can chew.

Speaking of chew let me update you on my first week with my new nutritional concept- more balanced plate eating, less counting, counting, counting. Good news...I survived! Bad news - I feel like a baby post op again trying to figure out what fits in where, what to eat when, and all that jazz. I actually miss tracking all of my food. I know it was a pain...but it became part of my day. Now I'm working on knowing my carbs, eating no more than 3 a meal and 1 per snack. Its confusing and it  isn't liberating, but I think it can be so I'm not giving up. I am finding it I eat my balanced meal plate my sugar is stabilizing. I'm getting my protein in, I'm not over eating, I'm feeling full and satisfied, but I'm still nervous about it. It is still new so I will keep trying.

Now that advising season is crazy I have to figure out how to manage my eating. There were a few days this week where I didn't eat my snacks and I almost got to a sugar drop. I didn't get the liquid in the way I'm comfortable so I went back to my "box of tools" and figured out some options. Snacks that are quick and easy during advising season - yogurt, cut up fruit, and protein/yogurt drinks. Liquid can't be something I have to search for so hubs and I went to get my favorite bottle beverages and I can keep a 33 oz at my desk and between that and my morning cup of caffeine liquid is made easy! I would totally forget my vitamins if I didn't have my set at work and my reminder on my phone - but sometimes during advising I don't look at my phone so I fixed that - reminder on my outlook/email. Problem solved! Now I just got to keep this up for 7 more weeks - you with me?

This weekend is a little hectic and crazy too - I'm preparing for my craft show and debut of Love Your Letters so I'm finishing up my show letters, products to sell, flyers to hand out, table arrangements....I will get this done thanks to Sunday evening TV and motivation! I'm really excited and really nervous, but I think it will be good for my confidence. I got my official business cards yesterday in the mail and SQUEE they are so cute. Crafting has been keeping me from getting out of the house, but I'm not slowing down. My lowest walking on my fitbit this week was 6000 and the most was 13000. I've been doing well and I like getting out to walk on campus during lunch.

Keeping active is important. I split my lunch with 30 min walking and then eating. I also need to add something new to my plan. I want to get some hand weights and an ab ball. I can do toning exercises at home, because right now gym means more time at school and that isn't what I want right now so there is my plan.

This is a pretty blah post for a saturday. Sorry all! I'll be more interesting tomorrow - promise!

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