Thursday, September 13, 2012

Products I Love

I haven't done a post on products I'm loving lately as I was using my favorite soap in the shower this morning (note: I do a ton of thinking in the shower so this is no unsual). So here is my products I'm loving lately and no one has paid me to endorse the products or given me products's just stuff  I love!


 My friend Christina (a fellow WLS RNY patient) and jewlery designer has created two necklaces that I just adore! I love the feel, the weight, and the design and color of them. They are very colorful, well built pieces and they make me feel pretty. As I overhauled my wardrobe I've added these two pieces from her estsy store and they are just wonderful. Go check out her stuff!


I love smelly soaps but nothing is better than pure castille soap. My Dad uses it and it reminds me of home and it is just a great general soap that doesn't leave a film! Perfection :-) Go visit Dr Bronner Soaps at The soap is fabulous and I can't say enough about it - only you can't get it at a local Wally World or Target - for me I get mine at Whole Foods or Central Market!


So over the last month I've been blown away by my fitbit. I love how small it is, I love how it tracks all that I do, and I have to admit it motivates me to walk further, go bigger, and not take the easy way out - I get reminded I could get walking points for that or steps challenge points. I've broken a couple days of 12,000 steps and I'm hoping to do 15,000 this week as I start to really walk and improve training for my 5k....we'll see but its a new goal. Fitbit is awesome love love love it. Did I mention I love it?

I use the loseit app and this app allows me to track all my foods and intakes. The good, the bad, the I shouldn't have done that but I ate it anyway foods - but it also syncs with my fitbit and adds in automatically all the calories I've burned from the steps that I've walked.

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  1. I love Christina and your necklaces! They Are soo pretty!! I still need to use my fitbit. Fail! It's still in the package!