Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Motivation

I've been undergoing some serious introspection over the last few weeks. It was not intentional by any means, but something that happened and I'm enjoying it. One of the great things that has emerged from this is a new motivation to take off some more weight. I've been able to maintain my current weight fairly well and I have even lost a few lbs and inches, but not anything signifigant. I'm ready to make the move to the next step. Lately I'm been mulling over how to take the next step after I've gotten my meds on track, my vitamins on track, and feeling good - but realizing that old behaviours are creeping back in. I needed a kick in the pants...and I got one all on my own.

My new motivation is to work towards my goal weight and really work at it. I haven't been doing that lately and I need to get back at it. I want to eat right, get the sugar out of my life (where it is supposed to stay), and get back to working out. I need to set a goal so here it is - a 5K. I'm going to walk jog it and I want to do it not winded, but to do it I need to build up to it and I need to start soon. I need to pick a 5K I'm going to do, figure out a work out schedule, and tone and walk my way to happiness. It is time. Phase 2 of motivation is underway.

I am planning on using the treadmill version. I want to be able to do something and be able to stick to it and modify it when an if necessary. After the number of friends that sent me info and research, this is the best fit for me and will allow me to work out in the hot TX climate in the indoor Rec! I also can translate this to walking 5k program as well.  You can find the link here to the treadmill 5K plan 

I also found this nifty 5k walking plan that is going to be my initial push for a few weeks before I jump into the interval training you can find the link here I don't want to go to hard or too fast and ruin my momentum and I want to be able to finish each work out feeling like I accomplished something. So that is why I'm choosing to start on the walk and transition after a few weeks.

Check back for me! This is a new adventure for me!


  1. Thinking of you! I know you CAN DO IT! I am so excited about all the changes happening in your life!

  2. thank you Colleen! i'm excited for this chapter :-)