Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Change its my new middle name

Things are always changing in my life these days. With a new body and lifestyle there were bound to be more changes and all the time. I shouldn't be surprised, but alas I am always surprised. I guess some things will never change.

My tastes continue to evolve. One day I can eat something and the next I can't stomach it at all so in response to these things I have to flexible and my dear husband is so sweet especially when it comes to me trying new foods in the midst of the change. One of these new changes comes with the taste of my chewable vitamins. I had been taking the chewable Flinstones chalky like ones since surgery, but during this period of nausea they weren't tasting right and they were not sitting well, so I changed to gummies. Currently they are doing well and just sweet enough to meet my sweet need, but one thing gummy vitamins does not have is iron. For some reason iron can't be put in them so I have to find an additional source for iron. Thank you to vitamin shoppe i've found a fruity flavored liquid iron supplement that is like my B 12. I will be giving it a try next month after my stomach settles down with the medicine change I just went through.

My body is continuing to go through some changes. I don't know if I have gained some weight back or if my body is just feeling different. Since I didn't exercise last week I really am feeling different, but alas I don't know the reason why. I know now that exercise and what I was doing for me was really helping so its a change back to the normalcy for me. I can't believe I am actually sitting here writing that I am wanting to exercise and go back to the way I was before getting nauseous, then I remember how good I felt and being sluggish isn't working for me. I'm ready to hit the gym and release some stress and some deep thoughts I've been pondering.

Right now we are in the season of change for school as well. MTSU is about to get really busy. April is one of the months in my career that I blink and its gone. So gearing up for a busy busy April with hubs in school, myself in school, and a busy schedule I need to be prepared for some additional stress and have my routine back in order.

Our routine at the house has changed and has been concistent. I'm very proud to say I finally have a full fledge routine of laundry, dishes, cleaning, picking up, and all that jazz. It has only taken me almost 2 years as a wife, but I found the balance. I realize my husband might not like me following my routine all that much, but it is so nice to come home to an organized space that is clean throughout the week. It is making my day to day life easier, my anxiety is less, my stress level is much lower and that is all helping another change in my life: medication management.

I've been effexor since 2004. My doctor feels it is time to start moving me off such a large drug and for multiple reasons. My anxiety is nearly non existent and I'm handling it with minimal medications. So in the next few months I'll be taken off my day to day meds. It will take me months to come off the drug, but there is a lot of hope there. If needed in the future we will look at something lighter because I am managing it so well. That is exciting news. It has taken me a long while to get to this point and though its scary its a positive change. Thank you gastric bypass along with years of work and a stable life. I've made it!

Since I am all about dealing with stresses right now I've been able to make some great decisions to help me reduce stress besides my routine. First, i've found a good balance between work and school. Second, I'm taking time to see friends this summer and in upcoming months. Third, I'm doing things for me and finally I've decided to make smart decisions about the wedding planning. Interested in that you can follow it via my wedding page at wedding.justinandlissa.com

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