Thursday, March 10, 2011

1 month Chloesterol Screening & things I can't live without

Today I went and gave blood for my 1 month cloesterol screening after we found out last month that my chloesterol had gone from normal to 353 yet my triglycerides were normal. Here is hoping that last month was because my body was going crazy post surgery and leveling out and that after a month of lots of hard work, lots of oatmeal, and exercise that my chloesterol is on the way to lowering and has actually lowered. I really would like it to have dropped atleast 50 points or more, but I'm not going to hope or wish anything. I'm going to just wait for the results.

Yesterday I went and had my blood drawn to check for B12 and D3 levels. In Jan prior to surgery they were all kinds of crazy low so fingers crossed they have raised signifigantly. I've been faithfully taking my supplements, getting outside more, and eating more things that will help my B12 levels to rise so I'm hoping to get a good report of my levels being in a more normal level range. If not normal way closer to what Dr. Clements want. I figure with a D3 of 18 and normal range of 40 I can only go up and with a B12 of less than 200 a normal to be a range of 250 + (they like gastric bypass patients to be in 400 range) that I only can go up! Fingers crossed I really want these numbers to Grow!

Its been awhile since I've posted a new list of things I can't live without (so here is my updated list!)

1. Insulated Cup / Water bottle - still number 1 on my list. I drink so much liquid these days that it is essential that I have some kind of liquid with me at all times. I recently got a Contigo water bottle that they sell at Barnes and Nobel. It is supposed to be non-spill and WOW - DOES IT WORK! It holds 24 oz of liquid, keeps liquid at a great room temp for me, and it doesn't leak. I've dropped it all over, laid it in my laptop bag, and its guarenteed not to leak. Believe it or not - IT WORKS!!!! Love it. Most likely I will investing in a few more of these, but I love my Contigo.

2. Liquid Vitamins / Chewable Vitamins / Gummy Vitamins - these have moved up the list because I hate hate no despise crushing pills. So if it is liquid, gummy, or chewable and its anytype of vitamins or medicines, I TAKE IT! First, it is much easier digested on my tummy. Second, it doesn't make me sick at my stomach or nauseous, and works FASTER.

3. Ice Tea / Water flavorings - I drink a lot of liquid - At the minimum I'm intaking 50+ oz of liquid a day. Ice Tea settles my stomach and is helping my nausea that I've recently became intimate friends with and water flavorings help the boring intake of water. I can't wait for it to get hot and to have some nice cold water out of my cute little water bottles. They are just too dang cute! Added in with the ice tea is my Mr. Ice Tea Maker - continue to love this. He is part of my family!

4. Corn Pack / Heating Pad - lately with the nausea I've found that laying or holding something warm over my tummy really helps the nausea. I have corn packs that I made with my dear friend Carolyn. It has special corn that doesn't pop into popcorn in it and I heat it up in the microwave. Love them...and I think I might be making them for holidays as gifts. My heating pad works well in the office and I'm going to make a cute cover for it. I don't know why the heat is helping, but I go back to when I was little and had a tummy ache and my mom told me to lay on my stomach. No matter the reason - it feels so much better.

5. Blankets / Sweat shirts - well i finally have reached a point in my life that I'm getting cold. I have always run hot and now since surgery I run ice cold. I'm always cold so I wear layers and I'm never far from a blanket in my house and I sleep with lots of covers. I've been told this only gets worse as I loose more weight, so it is now essential that I'm in layers and have blankets with me at all times. I think next year in my building I'm going to need a heater for my office cause I'll be so much more skinny than this past christmas.

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