Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Listening to my Stomach Speak

What do you hear?

More often than not in our go go go world, we don't stop and listen. I was walking across campus and I looked around and noticed that everyone had their ear buds in listening to something else and shutting themselves off from the world, but they weren't really listening. I thought about it and I asked myself well am I really listening? What am I listening to?

I am definitely listening to my stomach, but I haven't been as attentive as I know I should be. Why? Because I get distracted. When I get distracted I loose focus and then I don't hear that I need to stop drinking, or I took one more bite than I should of and I pay for it dearly. I need to learn to be a better listener. I need to be empowered by my own direction and take a listening ear and hear my stomach. Know my stomachs need. I need to hear my body for thirst and give it what it needs. I need to know when I should push through and exercise and when I need to stop. I just need to listen.

I'm learning listening skills in a whole new way. I want to work on them so that I know this new body better. I need to embrace the new body and how this one works. It is a big overhaul in my learning, but what a great one to have the opportunity to do. I also need to follow the schedule I've laid out for myself. I like my me time, but now my me time has to include exercise which is hard when I don't wanna walk to the rec or work out, but my body wants and needs that energy. I just need to listen.

Putting my ear buds in now...

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