Saturday, January 22, 2011

Productive Friday...Slow Weekend

Friday was one busy day for me. Who would have thought that 45 min of doctors appointments would turn into 3 hours of fun! (sarcasm ... big time) Regardless both hubs and I made it to the dermatologist to examine his psorisis and to take on the newly formed skinned problem of these gross white heads that won't go away on my face since the pre-op diet and be taken off risperodone for sleeping. nonetheless there are answers and i will be again acne and white head free!

Then off to the obgyn we both go to have my Mirena put in. Now I'm not going to be shy about stating what bc I am on because well lets be honest I'm talking about my weight loss and this is part of the weight loss and guess what I chose an IUD! So first things first, Dr. Williams has to confirm that I'm not pregnant. Could they take the last 3 tests that I've had in the last 14 days to prove that I'm not with child and I do not have a blessed baby from above - NO!!! They wouldn't take my word that I promise since stomach surgery that I have had any sexual relations with my dear husband....c'mon it is almost like a C section that would not even be possible! No!!!! So they ask the question urine test? I'm like um negative I'm post bypass I soke up water like a sponge, so I head off to the lab to get yes, more blood taken. ( I'm thinking to myself really my insurance company is going to freak with 4 pregnancy tests in one week, but alas...) Ta Da! I'm not preggo....and we can continue.

IUD insertion was supposed to last 15 mint, hahahah go figure I take 45 because I have small cervix and let's be honest I totally tell my Doctor that it is the smallest thing on my body and he giggles out loud with me and my husband. Dr. Williams is worried that since I have a small cervix IUD is going to hurt, but I remind him I have liquid lortab from surgery and I prepped my anxiety with xanax...didn't hurt at all! Holla! In a seriousness I've had worse with a regular obgyn appointment so I'm pleasantly pleased and I had no real side effects of the severe cramping etc. just felt weird. So I take that as a success and now I can answer to all of my docs that yes this bypass patient has multiple types of birth control! Win for the Bettis family!!!! No plans of pregnancy any time soon in this family. Which one day I feel convicted to sit down and write out my feelings on being pregnant with bypass because so many of my friends and family have been asking about when it will happen for me, and my husband and I are unsure if we want to take the risks, but that is a completely different rant.

I am proud to say that I got all of my protein in yesterday!!! I got 6 glasses of the 8 for liquids, and hit all my vitamins except the B12 sublingual. I have found an alternative to the most gross and nasty pill form. Thank you to my friends because I'm switching to liquid B12 daily and it should be here some time next week! There are pills I can crush and there are ones that nothing will help B12 was a non saver and ewww moment. yuck. bring on the baby dropper of B12.

My dear friend Laurie found some amazing Odwalla Protein Monster drink. I tried some yesterday (4 oz) and found it to be pretty yummy. I made it into smoothie with some ice and a few berries and it was delicious. It also gave me 13 grams of protein in a drinkable form from real food and not substitutes! Thank you Laurie for this gift. Definitely will hit the shopping list for snackage through February as I continue to transition.

Last night I went to make dinner and found I can add another thing to the "Lissa Thinks It's Gross Post Bypass List". Drum roll = Spaghetti Sauce. I went to make a new recipe I found for ricotta cheese and spaghetti sauce mixed together topped with mozzarella cheese and found that spaghetti sauce does not taste right in my mouth. I thought maybe it was the one in the fridge so I opened 2 other types of sauce I had in the house and nothing. I can't stomach sauce like the Italian in me could....hopefully this might change, but sad day for me all around. So instead I had yummy Cream of Wheat with cinnamon! Not to shabby.

I also had my first real meal out for soft foods. I had Jr. Roast Beef Sand which from Arby's with no sauce and no bread. It was incredibly good, very lean, and my tummy enjoyed it. It felt really good to make a healthy choice and eat out with my husband.

This weekend looks like it is going to be a slow one. Didn't wake up till 1 pm today and still taking it slow. Getting ready to go back to work and get my schedule tied down. I'm ready for something new, firm, and balancing the putting me first and working. Exercise is in this week. goal is 3 times. Lets see how I do


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