Friday, September 17, 2010

behold the power of subtracting

As I get closer to applying for WLS, my nutritionist suggested that I start subtracting things that I won't be able to do after surgery and start adding things I will need to be doing after surgery. Here is my plan:

1. Stop using straws - Check!!!
2. Remove the soda from my life - just started and in progress
3. Remove sugary drinks from my diet - starts next thursday
4. Add in a disolvable multi vitamin
5. Add in calcium citrate daily
6. Start eating smaller portions (ask for a to go box at the beginning of the meal, portion the food I want to eat and take the rest home with me)
7. Increase exercise

As you can see I'm only on number 2 but I am feeling good about it. I thought giving up straws was like giving up a lifeline, but nah its not too bad. I also thought soda would be hard to give up this time, but alas its not going to bad as well. I have to be really concious about this as soda has crept back into my diet, but making good choices is easier for me. So I stocked up on all my jazzy water additives, lots of lemons and limes, and have made the switch to un-sweet tea. Surprisngly un-sweet tea is totally doable an I'm sure before too too long it will be like my diet coke. I used to only drink regular switched to diet and can't do the regular so I'm hoping its the same way with tea.

I do think step 3 will be a little easier for me to transition to as well because I have to get rid of natural sugar (which will help the diabetes) and change over to sweet and low etc. This will be pretty easy as my drinks and additives are sugar free so I'm killing #2 and 3 all at once! yay for working smarter not harder. Stay tuned to see how I conquer this battle.

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